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After the success of many Adventure Therapy Programs, I dedicated the first 8 weeks of 1998 to the writing of another proposal for the next "bigger and better" project. My funding is generated through the support of Charitable Trusts. To write such a proposal requires that I budget and network the program as if it were a reality. Many, many hours of work are involved. One aspect of my next program was to involve liaison with the police force in an attempt to bridge the gap between law enforcement and drug users. The program was arranged and the completed proposals were mailed. Over the next six months I received over 20 letters similar to this.

I became personally disillusioned as I compared where the money was allocated in the field of drug rehabilitation, with the useful and successful projects I have designed and planned. It seemed to me that the vast amounts of expenditure, both government and private, was being thrown in the same old direction of education, medical options, harm minimisation and law enforcement. I am interested in working with people with long-term addiction problems. I am interested in offering these people challenging and different options. I am interested in REHABILITATION.The funding I request for a project is always acutely minimal and I include an extremely meager payment for myself. There are too many other rewards in this work for me.

Although my enthusiasm for the Action Adventure Program has not decreased in the slightest, I have found myself unwilling to bang my head against the wall of "please help, please understand."

I am able to run a 6-8 week program for 12+ people for the cost of AU$15,000.00 Some of the participants will not use drugs again. Most will have a lifestyle change in terms of not returning to the same levels of addiction they have experienced before. ALL will experience a journey of self-development, as part of a team, that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

The purpose of this page is one of explanation. Thank you for reading.

If you understand what I am saying and would like to help, I encourage you to email me.

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